How to Develop Personal Style: Accessories, Hair, and Makeup

For those of you not roaming the streets of New York City around the 2012 holidays, you may not have been lucky enough to see that Disney did a fashion feature for Barneys‘ window displays. The image above shows some … Continue reading

How to Develop Personal Style: Creating a Style Profile

Let’s have fun! Alright, now that you’ve gone through a tough day of evaluating your proportion, shape, and age, it’s time to enjoy yourself. We’re going to do a DIY (do-it-yourself) fashion project: creating a personal style profile. In fashion … Continue reading

How to Develop Personal Style: Proportion, Shape, and Age

Painting of woman looking into mirror

I don’t really like discussing the topic of proportion, shape, and age (and how they affect personal style) because it is so specific to every person that I can’t stand when writers/stylists break down bodies into generic categories (for example: … Continue reading

How to Develop Personal Style: What is Personal Style?


And more importantly, how do you get personal style? This is a question many involved in fashion often ponder (or, if you’re lucky, you’ve never had to ponder at all). The thing is, personal style is constantly evolving. Yes, if … Continue reading

New York Fashion Week: Wednesday Highlights via LiveRunway

I apologize for having no updates on Tuesday’s fashion shows. While the shows were airing, I was flying to Maui, Hawaii! Tough life 😉 But I did take time out of sunbathing yesterday to bring you these highlights from New … Continue reading

New York Fashion Week: Sunday Review from LiveRunway

Yesterday’s LiveRunway featured 7 designers’ collections. That’s awesome! I waited until the “rebroadcast” of all 7 back-to-back so I could still enjoy my sunny Sunday. It was very, very inspiring…I mean, there was some really mind-blowing designing going on. There … Continue reading