Blogging for Blogging’s Sake

English: Roller Coaster at Mission Beach (San ...

English: Roller Coaster at Mission Beach (San Diego), Ca. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello World,

I guess I’m going to start at my birth post by referring to you as “World” though it’s more likely you are a handful of people-folk scattered across the blogosphere who “stumbled upon” my lovely newborn. My name is Lulu (as far as you’re concerned) and I’m a early-twenty-something California girl recently relocated to sunny San Diego (specifically beautiful Mission Beach). August 2012 was a month of change as my new husband (I’ll refer to him as DP) and I moved from New York City to California. Sadly, I left a job with MAC Cosmetics in Global Product Marketing and now am simply in the midst of job hunting and soul searching.

This blog will simply serve as a spot for my wanderlust to take flight. My previous blogging experience was more targeted, but this will be randomized posts from my random life experiences and findings. I’m a hobby person…and extremely passionate at that. So my wanderings will take you on a wide journey through the worlds of art, fashion, music, literature, cooking, baking, DIY, kitty-cats, Irish culture, Russian culture, nature, and a whole smattering of random other passions and thoughts. At the University of Maryland, College Park, I studied marketing and international business, so there may be randomly scattered business topics as well.

Hopefully this suits you, my random reader and blogosphere friend, just fine.


PS I go to sleep listening to the distant sound of “click, click, click” of that roller coaster climbing, followed by screaming passengers, every night 😀