A Few of My Favorite Things: Russian Culture Theme (3 of 3)

The photo above might be my favorite photo of my husband…ever. This was taken in Russia by a professional photographer when he was a baby. The fact that he is wearing a full on snow suit and knit hat is absolutely hilarious (and telling of the climate in St. Petersburg). And what’s with the random tree? He claims this photo wasn’t even taken around holiday times. It’s fascinating because it contrasts so much with the photos I have of me as a little girl. The professional photographers had a multitude of backgrounds to choose from and my mother probably spent weeks figuring out what my attire would be and how my hair would be curled. This photo, on the other hand, could have been taken on the street, yet it was planned…hmm…

There are few things better than old photos, right? I absolutely love looking at photos from the past, not even just my past. For our wedding, we created what we called a “heritage table.” It was a great opportunity to get our grandparents to pull photos from our ancestors’ pasts. We focused on photos of the couples in the family, ideally on their wedding day, to stick with the wedding theme. When DP’s grandmother (flown in from St. Petersburg for our special day) saw the images of her family framed and on display, she cried. She was absolutely blown away by the quality of the prints and seeing them all together at once. Below is an image of part of the table (of DP’s side):

During this process, many special photos of my husband’s side were unearthed, a keepsake we will now be able to display forever. Below are a few highlights from those photos:

DP’s father and grandparents. Love Babushka’s hair! So chic.

This relative is pretty handsome…looks kind of like Alec Baldwin though. Hmm…

The in-laws looking adorable

Father’s parent’s wedding day in St. Petersburg

DP and his grandfather outside of their dacha (summer home)

This was so much fun! I love looking at photos! If you’re thinking of trying the heritage table for your event, we decorated around the frames with little “love” themed artifacts (such as my parent’s cake-topper) and had the florist place a couple of small white floral arrangements about. This gave it a more vintage feel, almost like a table you would see at your grandmother’s house that has been accumulating memories for years.

How do you like to display your ancestor’s photos?




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