The Ocean


“The ocean sounds like a machine today, purring and constant, as waves incessantly rack the shore. I wish nature didn’t remind me of technology. The thought makes me shudder.” – Shannon Lorrene


Interview with Shannon at HouseofBoutiques; Giveaway

Hey all! The In Between Girls have conducted a fun interview with me to coincide with a $50 gift card giveaway to Check it out here:

Interview with Shannon at HouseofBoutiques; Giveaway.

HouseofBoutiques Shipment Fight

HouseofBoutiques Shipment Fight

I haven’t been blogging much lately here because all of my efforts and time are being poured into my shopping startup site,, where you can shop women’s, men’s, and kid’s clothing from independent-owned boutiques around the United States. Please … Continue reading

How to Develop Personal Style: Your Personal Brand

First of all, what is your “personal brand?” Think of brands you know: Nike, McDonalds, Versace, DirecTV…you can think of thousands I’m sure. When developing a brand, businesses work to create an idea that is almost like a human. They … Continue reading

How to Develop Personal Style: Accessories, Hair, and Makeup

For those of you not roaming the streets of New York City around the 2012 holidays, you may not have been lucky enough to see that Disney did a fashion feature for Barneys‘ window displays. The image above shows some … Continue reading

How to Develop Personal Style: What to Wear to Work

When I started brainstorming this series on “How to Develop Personal Style,” I was focusing on advising women who run their own business. So of course, adding an element of personal style to your work-wear is key for men and … Continue reading

How to Develop Personal Style: Shopping

Shopping can be a very, very scary thing for many people. But it doesn’t have to be! If you’ve followed my tools in my previous posts to evaluate your strengths/weaknesses, as well as creating a personal style profile to know … Continue reading

How to Develop Personal Style: Creating a Style Profile

Let’s have fun! Alright, now that you’ve gone through a tough day of evaluating your proportion, shape, and age, it’s time to enjoy yourself. We’re going to do a DIY (do-it-yourself) fashion project: creating a personal style profile. In fashion … Continue reading

How to Develop Personal Style: Proportion, Shape, and Age

Painting of woman looking into mirror

I don’t really like discussing the topic of proportion, shape, and age (and how they affect personal style) because it is so specific to every person that I can’t stand when writers/stylists break down bodies into generic categories (for example: … Continue reading