How to Develop Personal Style: Your Personal Brand

© 2012 House of Boutiques, Inc. All Rights Reserved. For image on left. Right image from Visit

© 2013 House of Boutiques, Inc. All Rights Reserved for image on left. Right image from Visit

First of all, what is your “personal brand?” Think of brands you know: Nike, McDonalds, Versace, DirecTV…you can think of thousands I’m sure. When developing a brand, businesses work to create an idea that is almost like a human. They wonder, what music would our brand listen to?, what movements would our brand be passionate about?, or what would our brand wear? The brand has to convey a story to customers so they can relate to it and feel emotionally passionate about it. Most importantly, it must be recognizable and memorable.

You can apply this idea to yourself and your personal style and think of yourself as a “brand,” a personal brand. You want to convey an idea about yourself to the people around you, and you want that idea to be consistent, recognizable, and memorable. Just like a brand wants to stand out against competitive brands, you need yourself to stand out from the people around you. This will help ensure that you stick in the minds of people you meet. Imagine a networking event or big conference. There are hundreds of people around that are all looking for the same thing and have relatively similar skill sets. So what is going to make you stand out beyond your business card? You, your personal style, and your personal brand.

I’ll use myself as an example here. Because I work in fashion, I must be dressed “fashionably” at all times or I may not look trustworthy to customers, clients, or people who could potentially refer me to customers/clients. By dressing fashionably, but also making sure the fashion I wear says something about who I am, even the most unexpected people remember me (aka, the people I would never remember). And DO NOT judge a book by its cover! There is a woman that works in my office who is, let’s say around 60, dresses casually to work, and has no distinct style. But the other day I heard her going on and on about the outfit I was not only wearing at the time, but the outfit I wore days prior down to the most minute details (“diamonds” running along the back of my high heels that were really just studs). The point is, she remembered, she trusts I’m fashionable, and she’s telling other people that I can be trusted in fashion. You have no idea who will make important connections for you in life (the grocery clerk?) so define that personal brand now!

Above you see side-by-side images of my brandmark and a photo I found on Pinterest. This is just a fun example of how a brand can be personified (and vice versa!). Please let me know if you have questions.




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