How to Develop Personal Style: Accessories, Hair, and Makeup


For those of you not roaming the streets of New York City around the 2012 holidays, you may not have been lucky enough to see that Disney did a fashion feature for Barneys‘ window displays. The image above shows some of the cartoons drawn of fashion industry insiders that were featured in the display…you may recognize some of them (here‘s a great side-by-side cartoon/human to give you hints)! So what does this have to do with personal style? Turn yourself into a cartoon! If you can be recognizable in a drawing, there must be something about your look that screams “that is so me!” For many this cartoon-like personal style may come from your accessories, hair, and/or makeup.

Accessories can be something you wear everyday (like a signature piece) or can just scream “that’s so me!” and be worn whenever the inspiration strikes. But just like shopping for clothing, you’ll love your accessories if they are both strategic and emotional. You can apply the same tactics used to emphasize (or hide) your features that you use for clothing. Similarly, your proportion (such as height) might play into what shoes you choose or even how large your earrings are. Think before you buy!

Hair is an easy way to create the base for personal style. Work with a hair designer to develop a style and/or color that is all yours. Once again, think both strategically and emotionally. Does the style/color convey something about who you are that you want to share with people? Is it flattering to your features and skin-tone? Or does it draw attention away from features you would rather have stand out? Once you have found the you style, rock it for a while. I tend to switch up my hairstyles like my shoes (which could be a factor of my own personal style), but I recently cut my hair in a style that is both me (emotionally) and displays my best features (strategically)…hopefully I’ll be able to hold onto it for a while!

Makeup also plays into personal style and can most definitely make or break a look. This is another situation where you may want to talk to a makeup artist for advice on how to best emphasize features that you want to draw attention to or from (tell him/her what you like best/least…it should not be the artist’s opinion). They may confirm things that you already knew (like brown shadows bring out your blue eyes in a natural way) or, better yet, may provide new insight that you didn’t know (like plum lipsticks also bring out blue eyes). Just like hair and accessories, your personal style may be that your lipstick color is never the same or it may be that you only buy one color of lipstick for life. But if you are a “lifer” kind of makeup consumer, please have a cosmetics consultation every 5 years. There are constantly improvements to formulas, as well as new colors being added constantly, to make you look your best!

Have fun with this project! And I would encourage you to do an entirely separate “Style Profile” (see previous blog posts) to help you define your accessories, hair, and makeup personal style. Best of luck!



P.S. Scents can also add a consistent element to your personal style. Remember, scent is the strongest thing tied to memory. Search wisely, invest in a perfume that you think will transcend the ages, and get ready for a lifetime of attachment to your “signature scent!”


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