How to Develop Personal Style: What is Personal Style?

And more importantly, how do you get personal style? This is a question many involved in fashion often ponder (or, if you’re lucky, you’ve never had to ponder at all). The thing is, personal style is constantly evolving. Yes, if you’ve had it from the get-go, your style will have consistent elements as you age. But, if you spent your teen years following trends or listening to your mom’s styling advice, you may reach your early 20s and go, “wait, do I have a personal style that’s recognizable?” The answer may be “yes,” but if it’s “no,” don’t fret! You are still discovering yourself, and developing personal style is a great way to share your discoveries with the world!

So what is this evasive term “personal style” all about? Below are a couple of quotes on the topic by designers Donna Karan and Dolce & Gabbana. Both come from a great reference book, “Harper’s Bazaar Fashion: Your Guide to Personal Style.”


Another quote in the book, from designer Ralph Lauren, describes personal style as “having the confidence to be who you are, not necessarily flamboyant or eccentric. It can be as simple as turning up a cuff or the contradiction of a weathered motorcycle jacket slung over an elegant evening dress. It’s taking a risk, trying something unexpected, and having fun with fashion, but always being true to yourself.”

Basically, you need to take a step beyond following fashion trends, and/or simply wearing basics, and add a signature element to your style. As Lauren points out, this doesn’t mean go over-the-top, it means stick to styling basics that work for your proportions and age, but create a consistent story that transcends trends and decades.

I will be posting on this topic throughout the next week as I am developing a presentation on “Personal Style and How it Affects Your Personal Brand” for women CEO’s (though it applies to both men and women). My next post will discuss shape, proportion, and age.

And if you’re curious why I’ve been MIA lately, it’s because I’m starting a business! Check out and sign-up for the newsletter for the latest on the launch!



P.S. The topic will continue with discussion of shape/proportion/age, developing a personal style profile, celebrity examples of personal style, how to approach shopping, what to wear to work, how accessories can play a big part in personal style, making your hair and beauty choices reflect your developed style, personal style as it relates to your personal brand, and resources to help you along your journey to discovering your personal style!


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    • Thank you! Image consultation is important for any entrepreneur…that’s a great business to be in! Check out my related posts including the one on Personal Style and how it relates to your Personal Brand. I presented on this topic to women CEOs recently, and they loved it!

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