New York Fashion Week: Sunday Review from LiveRunway

Yesterday’s LiveRunway featured 7 designers’ collections. That’s awesome! I waited until the “rebroadcast” of all 7 back-to-back so I could still enjoy my sunny Sunday. It was very, very inspiring…I mean, there was some really mind-blowing designing going on. There was also a lot of tacky design, but I will say that every single designer presented good pieces and inspiring design. However, the designers that I believe had the best overall collection were Timo Weiland, Chado Ralph Rucci, and Diane von Furstenberg. Oh, and did anyone notice that Diane’s models were not only allowed to smile, but apparently encouraged?! I loved it! The smile naturally appeared on my face in response to the models’ smiles, and I noticed many observers in the crowd breaking into smiles…so rare in fashion! My spirit was genuinely uplifted, and I think it made me happier about the collection overall…marketing GENIUS!

A lot of the styling and Custo Barcelona and Tracy Reese came off as pretty tacky to me. As I said, there were definitely great pieces in each collection, but overall it left me with a bad taste in my mouth. One of my favorite silhouettes of the day, however, was presented by Custo Barcelona. Check out the top with the train below:

Overall, so much fun. And that final dress from Lela Rose?…stunning! See highlights below captured via “print-screen” from

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What do you think of yesterday’s presentations?




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