A Few of My Favorite Things: Russian Culture Theme (2 of 3)

Custom Matryoshka Cake Toppers by Golden Cockerel

For my second favorite thing this week, following my Russian Culture theme, I’ve chosen the custom matryoshka cake topper from my wedding. Our wedding was really themed around ancestry with some details inspired by my Irish heritage and some by my husband’s Russian heritage. Since I was a little girl, I’ve always had a fascination with matryoshka, or “babushka dolls” or “Russian stacking dolls” as I often wrongfully called them. My cousin discovered a site that creates custom matryoshka and we knew we had to try it for our cake topper! The dolls were hand-designed and painted in Russia and cost $175, a reasonable price! The artist sent us drawings as we worked on developing the concept. Below you will see an initial drawing that we then replied off of with edits.

Our idea was to create a story of how we came to our wedding day. The smallest doll represents me as a baby in California, the next is DP as a child in Russia, the third represents me as a student at the University of Maryland, College Park (where we met), the second largest is DP as a New York City businessman, and finally, the largest represents both of us as a unified couple on our wedding day. We sent the artist a photo of ourselves that he matched pretty identically on the largest doll! The smaller dolls are all in the more traditional cartoony style of the dolls. Below are closeups of each individual doll:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And finally, below are the dolls on our wedding cake! How much fun is that?! I think it’s even a fun idea for a couple not celebrating Russian culture but simply looking for a unique cake topper.

Our wedding cake with custom cake toppers.
Photo taken by ciprianphotography.com

Any other creative cake topper ideas you’ve seen?




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