Blogging for Blogging’s Sake

English: Roller Coaster at Mission Beach (San ...

English: Roller Coaster at Mission Beach (San Diego), Ca. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello World,

I guess I’m going to start at my birth post by referring to you as “World” though it’s more likely you are a handful of people-folk scattered across the blogosphere who “stumbled upon” my lovely newborn. My name is Lulu (as far as you’re concerned) and I’m a early-twenty-something California girl recently relocated to sunny San Diego (specifically beautiful Mission Beach). August 2012 was a month of change as my new husband (I’ll refer to him as DP) and I moved from New York City to California. Sadly, I left a job with MAC Cosmetics in Global Product Marketing and now am simply in the midst of job hunting and soul searching.

This blog will simply serve as a spot for my wanderlust to take flight. My previous blogging experience was more targeted, but this will be randomized posts from my random life experiences and findings. I’m a hobby person…and extremely passionate at that. So my wanderings will take you on a wide journey through the worlds of art, fashion, music, literature, cooking, baking, DIY, kitty-cats, Irish culture, Russian culture, nature, and a whole smattering of random other passions and thoughts. At the University of Maryland, College Park, I studied marketing and international business, so there may be randomly scattered business topics as well.

Hopefully this suits you, my random reader and blogosphere friend, just fine.


PS I go to sleep listening to the distant sound of “click, click, click” of that roller coaster climbing, followed by screaming passengers, every night 😀


One thought on “Blogging for Blogging’s Sake

  1. Love the detail of what you hear when you go to sleep. Reminds me of how my different homes have had different bedtime sounds: night insects, metro trains, the neighbor who played ‘Margaritaville’, coyotes howling, the brakes on the bus pulling up to the stop sign. But, rollercoasters is so unique!

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